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Teeth Whitening in Burlington

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Common causes of tooth stains in Burlington

Teeth whitening in Burlington
Teeth whitening in Burlington

There are many ways for your teeth to become stained or discolored. And here at Jersey Dental Group, we have two excellent ways to whiten them again. And that’s all you will need. Choose to have our teeth whitening in Burlington done right here at our office or opt for the take-home version, which gives you the convenience of doing it yourself in your spare time. Plenty of products line the shelves of drug stores and supermarkets. All of them promise to whiten your teeth. But they can also contain abrasive ingredients, which actually damage your tooth enamel. You will never have to worry about that with us. Our methods are 100% safe.

Probably the most common reasons why teeth become stained are linked to personal habits. Tobacco use, either smoking or smokeless, is a known culprit. So are beverages such as tea, coffee, cola, and red wine. And even otherwise healthful foods, including curry, berries, and soy sauce can contribute to your teeth losing their whiteness. So can some prescription drugs, like tetracycline. But setting aside anything that you do, tooth enamel wears down slowly yet steadily as you get older. So the aging process itself also caused duller teeth. Fortunately, no matter why you need it, our teeth whitening in Burlington will save the day.

When you come in to our office, you will experience a noticeable difference after just one session. The number of treatments you need will depend on how discolored your teeth are at the start and how white you want them to get. But rest assured that even if your teeth have become yellow or brown, you can get a favorable outcome with our teeth whitening in Burlington. If you decide to do it yourself at home, we will make sure that you know exactly how to use it (don’t worry, it’s very simple). In a matter of days, you will get impressive results from it. The takeaway is that there is no reason to be dissatisfied with your smile. We’re ready to make it into one you can be proud of again. Call us and schedule an appointment.

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