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Dental veneers in Willingboro

Willingboro dentist
Willingboro dentist

If you’re not happy with how your teeth look, let our Willingboro dentist help with dental veneers. Crafted from strong, durable porcelain that match your tooth color near perfectly, they are the solution to your cosmetic concerns. Here at Jersey Dental Group, we are pleased to make your smile our top priority.

Dental veneers are shells that are placed over the fronts of the teeth you want improved, and then bonded to them. For issues such as broken, chipped, crooked, or misshapen teeth; stains and discoloration; wide gaps; and virtually any problem related to size, shape, or spacing, our Willingboro dentist can correct them simply, effectively, and safely. Porcelain, in addition to its color matching properties, is also resistant to stains. Do you smoke or vape? Maybe you drink coffee, tea, cola or red wine; or you like berries, curry, or any of the other foods that are known to stain tooth material. Porcelain will hold its color significantly longer than other materials will. Two to three sessions in total are all it takes to get dental veneers. First, you will have impressions taken, which the dental lab will use to fashion your veneers to precise standards. You will then come back to try them on. If you require any adjustments, our Willingboro dentist will see that they’re done. Only then, when you are fully satisfied with the look and feel of them, will they be bonded to your teeth for long term use. You’ll feel like you have a brand new smile, and it will certainly look that way, both to you and to everyone else who sees it.

You should expect to get a lot of use out of your new dental veneers. Come in for a consultation and examination to determine if they are the right option for you. Simply contact us now to schedule an appointment.

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