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Invisible braces in Willingboro

Willingboro Invisalign
Willingboro Invisalign

Invisible braces can be the answer to your dreams, especially if the main thing holding you back from getting the orthodontic treatment that you need is not wanting to be seen wearing braces. There are other benefits that this option offers you, and here at Jersey Dental Group, we think you’ll be excited about what you can get from our Willingboro Invisalign.

Not all that long ago, you had two choices: metal braces or nothing at all. Now, that has all changes. Invisalign is revolutionary and has gained tremendous popularity for very good reasons. In addition to being invisible and therefore cosmetically pleasing, it is also comfortable. Metal braces may cause mouth soreness or irritation, especially in the early going. Our Willingboro Invisalign is crafted out of clear plastic, which means no concerns about discomfort. Also, when you use metal braces, you have a list of foods that you cannot eat; some because they are too tough and could damage the braces; others because they might get stuck in the braces. Well, you remove our Willingboro Invisalign when you eat, so feel free to have anything you want. There are absolutely no restrictions. Last but not least, instead of wearing one set of metal braces that need frequent adjustments at our office, you’ll wear one set of Invisalign braces for two weeks, discard it, and move on to the next in the series. So all it takes is one visit every six weeks so that our dentist an gauge your progress. That puts less strain on your busy schedule. We fashion all of your Invisalign braces here using 3-D imaging, state-of-the-art software, and advanced machinery. No outside dental lab is needed to get precisely-made braces.

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